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What is acrylic stucco?

Also called elastomeric stucco, synthetic stucco, or sometimes exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS), is made from acrylic resins, sand, and crushed quartz. While it has fewer finish options than traditional stucco, acrylic stucco has a sleek textured finish which can vary depending on the manufacturer’s formula and the client’s desired finish.

Acrylic stucco is the best choice for calgarians to become climate ready.

At Callaway Construction, we dedicate time to ensuring we have the technical expertise to give you innovative products with the quality you expect. We are continually looking toward innovation in the products we choose –– and acrylic stucco is one of them. We are excited to tell you why it is an excellent option for your new build or existing home!

3 benefits of choosing acrylic stucco for your calgary home.

Choosing this finish for your home is an investment in quality that will last. Virtually maintenance free and free from the cracking and peeling of traditional stucco, acrylic stucco can last up to 50 years. While traditional stucco is less costly, there are numerous benefits to opting for acrylic stucco, especially in Western Canada.

Acrylic stucco is made for life in Alberta.

The elasticity and stretch come from the acrylic polymers and resin and allow the material more give than traditional stucco products. This material composition can be a real benefit if your home is particularly at risk for shifting and adds longevity. 

In Alberta, extreme weather changes and shifting creates hairline fractures in traditional stucco, which need to be repaired before they lead to more severe damage. Acrylic stucco combines the modern finish of stucco with technology to give your home a robust barrier from the Canadian elements. Want to combine elegance with durability? That’s the difference acrylic stucco can offer.

The colour choices for your home exterior are endless.

Colour is the real shining perk of choosing acrylic stucco. Acrylic stucco features a veritable rainbow of rich colours that you can choose from when picking the right one for your home. Plus, the colour is consistent in every bucket, making it easy to touch up in the future (though it is unlikely you will need to). Choosing a colour that suits your unique taste is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and intrigue! Acrylic stucco makes it easy to stand out from the crowd.

Craving change? Easily paint acrylic stucco.

In addition to choosing any colour finish, acrylic stucco is easy to paint if you want to change the look of your home in the future. Painting is less expensive than replacing your siding or re-doing your traditional stucco and offers endless choices for homeowners.

your style, your way

Choose your acrylic stucco finish to suit your style.

Whether you want a smooth and modern look or a more textured finish, you can customize your acrylic stucco finish to match your home, neighbourhood, and style.

A smooth finish in a dark colour has a contemporary feel that can make your home look modern and stylish, whereas a textural finish can feel more relaxed and traditional.

Add pebbles and stones to your stucco for a more bohemian and tactile finish. No matter your personality, we can accommodate you.

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